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Trust BTS to Make Your Restaurant is as Fresh as Your Food

The old saying “you never get a second chance to make a first impression” was never truer than in the restaurant business. Everything has to be perfect. If it isn’t, your clientele will stay home or go somewhere else. They show up for comfort, convenience and great food. Restaurants are all about food and where people eat that food. We are the experts at one of those important things. We make sure your restaurant is as clean as your food is delicious. Now with COVID keeping things spotlessly clean is one of the biggest challenges you’ll face in the restaurant business.

We are the restaurant cleaning experts and we’re here to help.

Do Customers Really Notice?

Make sure that your customers are focused on your food and not distracted by your restaurant. Deep cleaning is essential for the success of your restaurant business. We have a lot of experience as a restaurant cleaning company. Commercial kitchen cleaning is a big job. We’ve all seen the horrors of a kitchen that doesn’t meet code. You need a professional cleaning crew to come in and make sure that your kitchen is ready for the next day. From your kitchen to your dining area, our professional staff pays attention to the details, because when your customer is sitting at your table, they’ll notice.

A Special Place Requires Special Care

Cleaning a restaurant is a specialty that requires that you know what to look for. We know what to look for. Sanitation is critical. Every surface needs to be sanitized with a sanitized rag. Every surface means– the bar, tabletops, chairs, and booths. Restrooms need to be cleaned, sanitized and checked several times during each shift to make sure nothing has happened if it is necessary. Floors are another on-going job.

Sweeping and mopping in a restaurant are critical for keeping up with messes. We can also help you with the best cleaning supplies and effective methods for realtime cleaning between sittings for items such as: Condiment trays or dispensers are one of the first items that need attention. Wipe them down after each dining party. Menus are another yet another on-going concern, especially now. Menus should be sterilized or replaced after each table of diners. BTS restaurant cleaning services include:
  • A Full Service Janitorial and Commercial Cleaning
  • Floor waxing
  • Restrooms are Meticulously Cleaned and Restocked
  • Garbage and Recycling Removal
  • Kitchen and Bar Area Cleaning
  • All Surfaces Like Booth, Chair, Stool, Cleaned and Disinfected
  • Front Doors and Front Lobby Cleaning

Choose the Right Restaurant Cleaning Service

We do more than clean, we make sure that your kitchen and dining room are hygienically clean. This is about the health and safety of your guests and your employees. There is not just germ safety to consider but also physical injury to think about. Consider how important it is to have a grease-free floor. This is part of the thinking that BTS brings to a job.

At BTS, we make sure that our cleaning methods are green and environmentally friendly, and also exceeds the Vancouver Coastal Health public health inspectors. We know that the experience of someone first entering your restaurant is important. Many times, it determines whether they ever enter your restaurant again. We understand that this is about appetite and comfort.

Call us and let us show you what real pros can do for you.

Hire Restaurant Cleaning Experts

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