Restaurants Cleaning Service

Apart from food, restaurants are a place where people come for convenience and fun. Clean and appealing surroundings create a more memorable experience for your guests, and are sure to establish repeat clientele. Quick and effective restaurant cleaning is one of the biggest challenges in this business, and our cleaning experts are here to help.

BTS Building Maintenance provides professional Restaurant cleaning services to keep your restaurant fresh, just like your food. We’re here to offer you piece of mind, cleaning every part of your restaurant from the kitchen to dining room, floors to restrooms. We keep your kitchen hygienic, clean and uncontaminated for a safe and healthy working environment for your guests and employees. We know that sparkling floors make a good first impression on your guests, and we work hard to keep your floor grease free. We are the cleaning experts in all types of floor cleaning, from vacuuming and moping, to removing odours, and even deep cleaning.

BTS uses the latest in green cleaning methods to make sure your restaurant meets health requirements set by Vancouver Coastal Health public health inspectors. Restroom cleanliness is our personal goal. We sanitize regularly to prevent any cross contamination. Not only do we clean toilets, but also floors, and sinks, keeping everything sparkling and dry.

It’s never too late to give your restaurant a more polished look. We work hard behind the scenes polishing and scrubbing so that you can relax and focus on what matters most to you.

Hire Restaurant Cleaning Experts

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